I'm glad to have this opportunity to speak to you.

The car hit a telephone pole.

Wait, truce!

Do as you want.

The road is long.

Get out! Don't play here!


Did you come to my wedding?


The garden is really a sight for sore eyes.

There are themes that are always present in his books.

Leonard noticed something strange.


A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.

I thought Sandeep would be valuable to you.

Could I have a pillow and blanket?

If he donates a kidney, he can survive with the other one.

You're driving me nuts.

We walked along the beach.

Did you learn a lot?

Gilles looked at Hunter and laughed.

This isn't hard.


A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.


They're not married.

Someone must've seen something.

Do you really need to check your phone every 30 seconds?

Making a model plane is interesting.

What's so important?


He made a cranberry sauce to accompany duck.


We talked about Boston.

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Will you point Phillip out when he runs by?

What shall I wear when going there?

I've got to get something to eat.

We used to work for Barbra.

We discussed it last night.

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I could use some sleep.

I live in Baku.

Anne has many admirers.


Pam heard Elijah snoring in class.

Father has just come home.

I know I can get this to work.

The boy is listening to music.

I'm supporting you.


Suddenly, all the lights went out.


I love hanging out with my friends.

The program was broadcast over the radio yesterday.

You shook hands, didn't you?

Maybe Heidi has other plans.

Naomi is bound to be on his guard.

It's going to take some time to sort out this mess.

I'll visit you in jail.


He looked right and left.

We need to make sacrifices.

Make it real.

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Tait could hear the phone ringing.

Why do American parents praise their children?

The end of the world is very near!

What else can you do for us?

Are you saying you don't owe me anything?


Who could have spread that news?

I told them to wear ties.

Who discovered radium?

He was so fat that he couldn't get through the hole.

OK, I think we can begin.


What's your cat's name?

I have two gifts for friends.

The Soviet Union took a hostile attitude toward us.

Martin went to his parents' place.

I thought the death penalty should be abolished.

You don't talk to me that way.

To ski is a lot of fun.

Can I have a glass of water, please?

I don't think we'll reach Boston before dark.

Take advantage of this opportunity to see Versailles.

What we ended up learning was that the meat had been contaminated.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It would be difficult to improve the device when there is no effective catalyst.


I probably would've participated if I'd known about it in advance.

So what's the big mystery?

According to his information, the police will not deliver any criminal charges in connection with the event.

He still holds the heavyweight title.

"You got a smoke?" "Yeah, but I don't have a lighter."


I am in full accord with your view.


They're your competition.


I'm not sure I can do that.

Here's the milk.

Where can I exchange money?

Her husband is heavily dependent on drugs.

Whatever happens is okay with me.

The radar was jammed.

List practices playing the bassoon every day.

My name is Shu.

Let us rise, go out here into the court, and pass the time walking about there; then let us go.

Next year, hats will become fashionable.

In Southern China, the qipao is also known as "changshan".


He was a good friend.

Shit! I've got a flat.

Most scientists had rejected the continental-drift theory because it had been so difficult to imagine that plate movements were even possible.

The police arrested him.

She has no experience in typing, nor does the skill interest her.

They call him Bruce.

Have you ever walked like a duck?

On a clear, dark night, we can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.

Clean the dirt off the mirror.

Son said he liked the new carpet.

We did what we wanted to.

I thought you wouldn't be here today.

I worry more about you than the future of Japan.

Irving knows exactly what Joachim wants.


I went to Ramon's house after school.

I have to look for my pen.

I can barely hear without my earphone.

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Winston has been asking to see you.

This never should've happened.

It's only blood.

You have to understand the circumstances.

Where does Sean shop?

You played hooky yesterday?

It's just a cartoon.

This is a strange sentence.

You're not going to find them.

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A watermelon is full of water.

Del doesn't want to do this, but he says he has to.

I'm waiting to see if it's true.

Blair didn't remember where he'd parked his car.

Do you really think it's impossible?

How is that done?

He seems really depressed and lifeless today. I wonder what took the wind out of his sails.

True affluence is to not need anything.

Perfection isn't good enough.

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Don't tell anyone I was here.

Was his name Eddie or John?

Everything was stolen.

I cannot plow this land with one bull. I need a second one.

This desk is different from the one I ordered.

I want you to leave him alone.

Jayesh said he wants to talk to you.

Please don't make me ask her.

Students must not use this toilet.

Apart from that, I don't know anything.

You cannot be too careful about your health.

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He doesn't even remember what happened last night.

My physical power has decayed.

Where did Jean take you?

How much longer do we have?

You were never home.

Marcos hasn't kissed me in three months.

Can you give me a ride home?

Accuracy is important in arithmetic.

I burned the trash.

I've met her.

She looked pleased with her new job.

That's the way he is.

Before you leave, can I ask you something?


What a tawdry dress!


It takes courage to do such a thing.


We go to the Buddhist shrine. It is beautiful.

It's always important to have money in your wallet.

My house is near the post office.

A great crowd waited for the president to speak.

Rafael didn't deserve that.

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I can help them.

You'll drink four glasses.

Saiid had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Happiness and sadness only last for a time.

We put off our departure because of the rain.

I liked both songs very much, and only then I noticed that they'd been written by the same band. At that moment it got one more fan.

I want you gone by sunrise.


Glen tried to stop Valerie.

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Cristopher agreed to that.